Mental Strength & Conditioning?

What is “Mental Strength and Conditioning?”

Simply put, mental strength and conditioning involves the application of mental skills for improving one’s performance in any number of areas. Based on Sport Psychology and counselling techniques, mental strength and conditioning training can range from learning basic life skills, to more specialized skills aimed at certain activities. They are concrete skills that one can use from a psychological standpoint to improve performance, be it within an athletic, business, or personal setting. These mental skills can include: Goal setting, anxiety management, visualization/imagery training, injury recover, and mental toughness.

How is this done?

Typical consultation involves one-on-one coaching, in addition to take-home activities aimed at increasing one’s self-awareness, and improving one’s mental strength. This is not a cheerleading service, and we are not here to simply ask “how do you feel?” while nodding knowingly. Mental strength and conditioning, like its physical counterparts, takes work and dedication to improve. Unless you’re an active participant in your mental training, you won’t get any benefit. That said, with a little dedication many of these tasks are fun, engaging, enlightening, and can yield immense rewards.

Are you up to the challenge?


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